Restore Woodsheart Update

Dear Camp Jeanne d’Arc alumnae, current camp families, and friends of Camp JDA,

It feels like summer just ended, yet the holidays are upon us! Along with the anticipation of the holidays, comes an exciting update on the Woodsheart project. Having spent many years researching, planning, collaborating, and preparing, I am very proud to say that Project Restore Woodsheart is well underway! 

A few important project details I’d like to share–most of the construction work has happened underground, as major reconstruction of the foundation was required. Stabilizing the foundation has enabled us to maintain the iconic appearance of the front of the building with minimal alterations there. While we were able to successfully save the original Woodsheart structure, we must also acknowledge some necessary (and sad) changes. Due to irreversible structural damage, we had to say goodbye to the Cardinal and Eagle cabins. This difficult decision was not made lightly. I consulted with various engineers and contractors to explore any feasible avenues to preserve them. We wholeheartedly understand the sentimental value attached to these cabins, and we are all sad to see them go. We will be making up for those “lost beds” in various other cabins on Camp, including the once “Woodsheart living room,” which will become the summer home to a group of young energetic campers, the new “Cardinals.” No new cabins will be constructed at this time. The project is about 75% complete and will be finished prior to summer 2024!

I would like to thank all who have joined me in this ambitious project to restore Woodsheart. Firstly, Canyonlands, who have been true to their commitment to invest in the longevity of Camp Jeanne d’Arc. They have been valuable partners to Randy and me, bringing the financial resources and business acumen to make this all happen. I would like to thank Rolland Thomas, our Head of Maintenance, for his supervision and management of the project. Many thanks to the various construction crews that have worked hard to treat our Woodsheart with such care. 

Many camp families and alumnae generously donated funds through the Camp Jeanne d’Arc Foundation to help fund the project. The Foundation has a newly-formed board of directors that is working hard to determine the best ways to allocate those funds to support Jeanne d’Arc campers and camp’s historical archive. Stay tuned for more information from the Foundation.

We feel grateful that our beloved Woodsheart will be strengthened and restored, and will continue to stand as a symbol of Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s enduring spirit for the next one hundred years and beyond.

Please join us for a rededication ceremony prior to Camp next summer. More details to come!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Sandy and Randy Abbott
Directors| Camp Jeanne d’Arc 

Jacking up the building and inserting metal beams. Preparation for cement foundation wall.

Cement foundation wall around entire perimeter

Installation of a new roof

Strong, level building ready for reattachment of front deck and landscape in spring

Back of Woodsheart. Strong and level. Ready for paint in spring.