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Since 1922

We are proud of our 100 years of tradition

With a hundred years of traditions, Camp Jeanne d’Arc is one of the best traditional summer camps in New York state! From the ceremonial “Feather Picking” to the surprise of “Christmas in July,” we’re rich in traditions.

First and Second Half

Feather picking

Feather Picking is one of the most exciting events at camp! Pick a white feather and become part of the Les Pucelles team (French, maiden warrior) or pick blue and become a Jolis Coeur (French, happy heart). Once on a team, you are part of a team for life! You will spend the summer competing in games and activities to help your team earn points. The much anticipated trophies are presented at the end of summer at Banquet.

First and Second Half


Every JDA camper treasures her camp shield. Hand-painted symbols are meticulously added each summer as your camper spends time working at a particular skill or activity. This extremely special and personalized tradition makes Camp Jeanne d’Arc one of the best traditional summer camps in New York state. By the end of her time spent at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc, her shield is filled with all of the exciting things she has learned and accomplished through her summers at JDA.

First Half

Fourth of July

It has long been a tradition at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc to celebrate the Fourth of July in style! We do this with a giant slip-and-slide, decorations, face paint, BBQ, watermelon, fireworks, competitions, games, bonfires, and more. The Fourth of July is a much anticipated day at Camp JDA!

First Half

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is at the top of everybody’s list of favorite camp traditions. It’s one of the reasons we are the best traditional summer camp in New York state! Campers are awakened by candlelight and Christmas carols in the wee hours of the morning to join their fellow campers in the Hearth for an all-out Christmas party. Of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without lighted Christmas trees, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, music, a crackling fire, cinnamon rolls, and hot cocoa. The next day is full of Christmas delights including gingerbread houses, reindeer games, and Christmas dinner.

Second Half

Wishing Night

Our Owl campers (ages 15-16) present a magical evening of candlelight, serenading, and wishing. Each camper is given a personal, handcrafted boat to launch into Chateaugay Lake. As she glides her candlelit boat onto the water, she makes a secret wish. Legend has it that if her boat is gone in the morning, her wish will be granted by the fairies who have collected it. The magic and wonder of Wishing Night will last a lifetime.

First Half

Award Night and Banquet

As a parting gift to their campers, the counselors and staff at Camp Jeanne d’Arc put on an unforgettable Awards Night (first half) and Banquet (second half) to celebrate the achievements of their outstanding campers. The party theme is revealed as the girls enter the Hearth to see the exciting transformation. A lovely dinner and dessert is served only to be topped by the recognition of each and every camper, as they receive awards for their achievements. At the end of the summer during Banquet, final points are tallied and trophies are awarded to the winning teams. A perfect ending for weeks of accomplishments at CJDA!

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Frequently asked questions

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Camp has many traditions. We honor these traditions throughout the summer. Many of our special activities including Christmas in July, Fourth of July, and Wishing Night, will only happen once in the summer. Your daughter will undoubtedly be able to participate in camp traditions, but which activities she takes part in will depend on when she is attending camp.

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