Camp Jeanne d’Arc Party’s in Puerto Rico!

Thank You to Our Host Family, The Carrion’s

Last weekend, the Carrion Family graciously hosted an unforgettable Camp Jeanne d’Arc party at their home in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, and what a blast it was! The refreshing island breeze set the perfect atmosphere for a fantastic gathering. 

Camp families from across the island came together for this special reunion. About 65 people attended, including past, current, and future camp families. It is always heartwarming to see multi-generational camp families! Camp Jeanne d’Arc has a long-standing connection with Puerto Rico, dating back to its early days and our founder, “Colonel”. 

The food and drinks were amazing! Wood and Co. baked their pizza right on site in wood burning pizza ovens–so delicious! We enjoyed many treats, not the least of which was the decadent cake, adorned with traditional blue and white fondant with Camp Jeanne d’Arc logos. It was fun to watch our campers cut into that cake and enjoy! 

We danced, sang, crafted, visited, and played–oh, did I mentioned we ate!!! As the night progressed, guests gathered for the traditional “Good Night Circle,” a cherished Camp Jeanne d’Arc tradition to be shared among friends at the end of the evening. It leaves us all pining for the start of Camp 2024. 

Once again, thank you to our generous hosts, The Carrion Family. It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all. Caroline McConnie Carrion attended Camp Jeanne d’Arc in the early 1990’s. Her two daughters currently attend Camp.  

Until we gather again under the balsam pines of Camp Jeanne d’Arc!

Warmly, Sandy and Randy Abbott