Let me start by saying that I am not the kind of person who normally writes this type of letter. I don’t normally put my seal of approval or endorsement on any product or service. However, over the last few years of my two daughters attending camp I have been thoroughly impressed by just how much Randy, Sandy and all of their staff care about the kids. As the directors, Randy and Sandy don’t have to know who my kids are, but they do. And I’ve seen and heard years of evidence that they know all their campers by name and take an active interest in all of them. Jeanne D’arc campers are lifers. It is an experience like no other for the campers. I would recommend them to any family.
Goad Family, New Jersey
This is our daughter’s 4th year returning to CJDA! We as parents enjoy the technology-free environment and the exposure to nature that CJDA oers. Each year she’s happy to go see her camp friends and enjoy camp activities like swimming in the lake. We are so grateful to the directors and their team for creating such an empowering and safe environment for girls. LET’S GO LES!
Castellanos Family, New York

“Camp Jeanne d’Arc has been a part of our family for over 50 years. Our newest campers are our daughters Bella (14) and Gigi (11). They have both been attending CJDA for the past three (3) years. Their mother (Jessica “Marie” John), is an alum herself and was the 4th of four daughters to attend Camp JDA.

We cannot be more emphatic as to what an incredible place CJDA is for your child or children to grow and mature in every facet of their young lives.

The friendships our daughters have forged over just the past few summers stretch literally across the globe. It warms our hearts to hear them tell us they are running to their room to talk to their friends from different countries in the off season!

They have benefitted so much from being on their own (but surrounded by peers, caring staff and counselors). We definitely see the positive effects in their schoolwork, independent thinking, self-starting and teamwork with their school sports and activities.

We are often regaled of how much they “love” mealtime as camp breakfasts, lunches and dinners hold such a special place in their memories. A testament to the joy they have eating and laughing with their fellow campers. They love the freshly prepared and homemade meals as well as the salad bar made available everyday at both lunch and dinner.

They truly don’t miss their phones while at camp! They are so gainfully and happily engaged with their activities and we so appreciate the opportunity for their young minds to grow and learn without interference from the internet.

It also gives them a true appreciation for the music they can listen to on their non-connected devices and as we know as adults, will forever link certain songs to their time and experiences at Camp JDA!

There are so many wonderful activities for your children to participate in at camp. We are especially grateful for those activities that they could not experience easily at home, such as archery, sailing and riflery, just to name a few.

Lastly, we cannot say enough about how secure we feel with Sandy and Randy at the helm and the care they and their excellent staff provide each and every camper. We cannot fathom a more perfect team to lead such a special place for our daughters to be a part of.

We welcome the opportunity to be put in touch with any parent(s) considering Camp JDA to answer any questions or allay any concerns you may have about sending your daughter(s) to this most special place.”

John-Fedor Family (alum), Illinois

My mother, who attended Camp Jeanne d’Arc as a child, always spoke so enthusiastically and positively about her summers she spent there. She always said they were some of the happiest times of her life. Honestly, I couldn’t understand it because I had never been to camp while growing up.
In 2017, Lillian and Violet were given the opportunity to attend CJDA for the first time. They arrived after the camp session started, but were welcomed with open arms by everyone at camp. I was the camp nurse, so I was fortunate enough to watch them flourish. They learned so many new skills through activities such as archery, sailing, swimming strokes, and riflery. Because of these accomplishments, they began to gain self confidence. They also learned to make friendships and live with such a diverse group of girls. These campers became like family to my daughters.

The camp directors, Randy and Sandy, have maintained camp with its rich traditions, encouraging, and supporting others. Their intentions to provide a safe, nurturing, and positive environment are what makes Camp Jeanne d’Arc a place where girls can be themselves. Because these girls feel safe and welcome at camp, they not only feel free to be themselves, but also lead when given the opportunities.

Sandy and Randy also are sure to hire staff who are vested in providing the campers with a positive experience, some of them being alumni themselves. The staff also provides different perspectives for Randy and Sandy, which are welcomed.

Lillian and Violet always grow exponentially more independent every summer they return home from camp. They are given structured independence there, making choices every day on activities, how to handle conflict when needed, and also responsibilities for their cabin and living spaces.

Lastly, they have made some life long friends. I don’t think that they have the deep bonds with anyone else like they do with their camp friends.

Waller Family, North Carolina

Camp Jeanne D’Arc has been an essential experience for our daughter’s development. The camp has given her the opportunity to develop insight into what activities she enjoys as well as to learn about different communication and socialization styles. During the weeks of summer when she has been at CJDA she has been able to develop her own personality and has felt empowered to be assertive. When we pick her up, we are just amazed at how much she has matured in just a few weeks. All of this while having fun and making new friends.

Franco Family, Puerto Rico

Ceci had a blast at camp! She returned praising the counselors and all the fun she had! It seems you were and extension from the family she left behind. Next year I think she’s ready for a third week!

Nunez Family, Puerto Rico

“There is something magical there at JDA — the relationships, the spirit, and the confidence-building — that has our daughter coming home a different person. She loves what JDA is about, what happens there, and how it helps transform her into a more confident, independent, young woman.”

Tucker Family, Rhode Island

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