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We strive to fill all our hired positions with strong female leaders; however, each summer we usually employ a few young men to support our female counselors in conducting activities. Our young men are very carefully vetted. Young men are never permitted in the cabins. There are several men and young men that work in the kitchen and on the maintenance crew. All employees are background checked.

Our counselors go through a series of interviews in order to earn their position as a staff member at JDA. They are carefully vetted through a series of background checks and feedback from prior employers. Only the very best are hired as staff at Camp Jeanne d’Arc.

Campers are given many opportunities to find their voices. This sense of self comes as campers have opportunities to make their own choices and to step up and participate. Campers may choose to speak up in a cabin chat, perform in a talent show, participate in giving a morning talk, go out for a club, do a reading at church, earn a pin in archery, drop a waterski,–and the list goes on and on and on.

Your daughter will have an opportunity to try many activities at camp. The morning activities will be pre-assigned, including a wide range and variety. All campers will try every activity. Campers are given a choice in their afternoon activities.

Many camp activities are selected in an effort to help our girls see their inherent value and worth. Service projects performed on Sundays are a good example. As campers help make a blanket for a local shelter or design a special recognition for their counselor, they are asked to look outward to make a difference in the life of another. In addition, our emphasis placed on inclusion and acceptance allows each and every camper to know that she is valuable and accepted into the CJDA family, just the way she is.

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