Become a C.I.T.

Mission of the C.I.T. Program

The mission of the C.I.T. Program is to assist our 16 -17 year old, senior campers as they continue on their journey to becoming strong leaders. Counselors-in-Training can be previous campers or new to camp.

Responsibilities of a C.I.T.

By the end of the summer, C.I.T.s will feel confident handling increasing responsibility, taking initiative, and communicating clearly and assertively.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers. Go through your most frequently asked questions about our C.I.T. program.

C.I.T.s may serve as Officer of the Day (O.D), distribute Candy Cart, fill Personal Care Orders, conduct Wacky Wednesday Shows, conduct campfire, teach activities alongside a counselor, and assist with planning and preparation for camp traditions.  C.I.T.s also participate in Life Skills 101 and Leadership Training throughout the summer.  The topics of these trainings are determined by the C.I.T. Mom and the C.I.T.s

Leadership training takes place twice a week.  The C.I.T. Mom and the C.I.T.s will choose one of the following topics each week to teach/discuss. 

  • Skills to be an exceptional cabin counselor
  • Learning, practicing, and developing communication skills
  • Ways to empower campers and yourself
  • Successful ways to work together with a team
  • Giving back to the camp community

Life Skills 101 takes place twice a week.  The C.I.T. Mom and the C.I.T.s will choose one of the following topics to teach/discuss each week.                                                

  • Plan a meal/set a table/cook something                                                                   
  • Properly make a bed
  • Track finances/basic budgeting
  • Basic first aid
  • Mental health
  • Meditation/stress management
  • College applications and essays
  • Internet safety/good social media habits

You will learn first aid, how to lesson plan and run an activity, help campers to establish and manage daily routines, offer encouragement and support to campers, and practice patience and empathy. You will attend regular leadership training, take part in mentoring sessions, and work on projects and events that benefit the larger camp community.

Yes, C.I.T.s are eligible for Senior Clubs and need not be a member of the Junior Club first. C.I.T.s are eligible to participate in motor trips, golf, and one of the following activities (unless otherwise cleared by the C.I.T mom): waterski, horseback riding, or Sr. club.

C.I.T. tuition is 50% off full tuition, 75% off for 2nd year C.I.T.s (optional activities such as horseback riding, waterskiing, and the motor trip may be added at full pric). Under the supervision of the C.I.T. mom, C.I.Ts. will have one group “night off” each half session.  Based on a schedule set up by the C.I.T. mom, C.I.T.s are afforded the privilege of spending time in the Chalet with other members of the staff.

C.I.T.s are subject to the same behavior criteria as the Jr. and Sr. Counselors and (as described in the Counselor Handbook) specifically with regard to being a proper role model, upholding core camp values, and carrying out our camp mission.

C.I.T.s live in a cabin with other C.I.T.s; they are never left alone to supervise campers.  They are assigned to work with one cabin throughout the summer and have specific times they must be with their assigned cabins and times they must be with their fellow C.I.T.s

To both learn and apply the many skills you learn as a C.I.T., we recommend that all C.I.T.s attend camp for 7 weeks.  C.I.T.s must attend camp for at least 3 1/2 weeks.

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