Why camp Jeanne d’arc



We have a great range of activities for everyone.

Horseback riding

Campers of any experience level are invited to sign up for either group or personal ride lessons. Jr and Sr clubs are offered.


Campers learn the proper technique for paddling at canoe. Jr and Sr clubs are offered.


Campers learn the skills of mountaineering including setting up a camp site, tying knots, fire building, and orienteering. Jr and Sr clubs are offered.


Campers will learn all skills necessary to sail. Jr and Sr clubs are offered.

Target Sports

Campers enjoy shooting archery, BBs, and rifles.

Outdoor Explore

Campers enjoy exploring the various outdoor spaces at camp including the camp garden and Camp Cormier.

Field Fun

Campers not only enjoy playing traditional sports like soccer and volleyball, they also play fun field games like Spud, Run-sleepy-run, Kick the Can, and Capture the Flag.


Campers enjoy a wide range of sports including tennis, basketball, soccer, tetherball, volleyball, and more.


Campers participate in swim lessons every day. Campers are placed in their appropriate swim level upon arrival.

Visual & Performing Arts

Campers have an opportunity to express themselves through the arts including cabin skits, camp dances, arts and crafts, weekly variety shows.

Waterfront Fun

Campers spend time every day at the waterfront. Activities include SUP, fun in the sun, sand castle building, water trampoline and splash pad, kayaking, and more.


Campers may choose to sign up for water ski/wakeboarding/tubing.

Could camp come any sooner?


Camp JDA clubs

Clubs have been a part of the CJDA tradition from the early days of camp. The names on the walls of the Hearth honor those who went the “extra mile” to gain expert status in one or more of the following activities:
Sail Club
Horseback Riding
Mountaineering and Camp Craft
Earning placement in a club is a challenge; requiring faith, endurance, courage, and confidence. The accomplishment is a great one, accompanied by celebratory recognition and placement on the name boards in the Hearth.

Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers. Go through your most frequently asked questions about activities.

Yes, your daughter will have an opportunity to select activities every afternoon based on a list of activities being offered that day. Morning activities are pre-assigned, giving everybody a chance to try everything. Aside from additional activities paid for, a special request for a particular activity multiple times during the week is not a request we can accommodate (Can my daughter play tennis 3 times a week? Sorry, we cannot make that promise). We stay so busy at camp, it isn’t possible to make that commitment.

Most of the activities are included in camper tuition–exceptions being horseback riding, water ski, tubing, golf, and motor trips. If campers elect not to participate in these additional activities, they will be very busy and very pleased with all the included options available.

Campers may choose to use their optional time at camp to study for entrance into a club. Clubs offered at camp include horseback riding, canoeing, mountaineering, and sail. Entrance into a club usually requires multiple summers of study, preparation, and hard work. Campers who earn this achievement are recognized at Award Night or Banquet with a celebration. It is an honor to receive entrance into a club. Camper’s names will be added to the hand painted boards in the Hearth.