Gender Statement

Loving Hertes

For 100 years Camp Jeanne d’Arc has been a place for girls from around the world to gather and share their ‘loving hertes.’ With faith, endurance, courage, and confidence; campers learn to engage different viewpoints, cultural practices, and even languages in order to work cooperatively in the camp environment. Through this experience, campers gain a greater understanding of the world and others, opening their hearts and minds to love and acceptance without limitation.

We value each and every camper’s experience. As an “all-girls” camp we have the training to support those campers who choose the pronouns she/her, they/them, and/or ze/zir. If you want to attend CJDA, and do not see yourself represented in this statement, we request that you reach out to the Camp Directors to talk more in-depth about your personal situation. 

A welcoming and inclusive space

Providing a welcoming and inclusive space for all members of our community is very important to us. We achieve this with ongoing staff training, programming that encourages the celebration of cultural differences, and a 100-year tradition of accepting and loving those with different experiences from our own. Camp Jeanne d’Arc is committed to continuously finding ways to practice inclusion for all.

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