Letter for Parents

cjda executive director

Sandy Abbott

As a teenager, I remember reading a quote that was posted on the inside of my mother’s medicine cabinet. I must have read it a million times. The quote told me that I could accomplish anything that I set my heart and mind to. I believed it!

Sadly, our young girls today hear the opposite message all too often. They are told that they are not good enough, not smart enough, not beautiful enough and on and on. When our girls begin to believe this lie, they become paralyzed with fear and self-doubt. This insecurity keeps our girls from discovering who they are, what their strengths are, and what unique gifts and talents they can share with the world.

At Camp Jeanne d’Arc our program is designed to help each and every camper find her voice, uncover her talents, and realize her value. As you learn more about our program you will see that everything we do at Camp Jeanne d’Arc fosters feelings of self-worth and confidence. At camp we try new things and work hard to master skills. We learn new dances and create new songs. We serve others in our community and spend time reflecting on our own character and worth. We observe and respect nature, and make new friends and unforgettable memories along the way. If you ask our 100+ years of alumni, they will agree that Camp Jeanne d’Arc has changed their lives forever. Jeanne d’Arc girls go away believing, “Yes, I am! And yes, I can!”

We hope to see your daughter at Camp Jeanne d’Arc!

Sandy Abbott
CJDA Director

Family owned and operated

We are fully committed to working all year round to plan a safe, fun, and impactful experiences for our CJDA girls

Could camp come any sooner?


Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers. Go through your most frequently asked questions about letter for parents.

Of course, you are welcome to send your daughter a package at camp! We request no more than one package a week. We encourage fun packages that include decorations, simple toys, books, stickers, tattoos, games, accessories, etc. Any food received in a package will be confiscated, as it attracts critters to the cabin. If you would like to send a treat for the cabin for a special occasion, please coordinate with the camp directors.

At JDA we believe that campers do best when fully immersed in the camp experience. Generally we do not allow phone calls between campers and home. However, we strongly encourage you to keep in touch with your camper through physical and electronic mail. Feel free to send your camper a care package as well. No more than one care package per week is requested. Your care packages will be opened first by a member of the staff. All food will be disguarded to keep unwanted critters out of cabins.

It is normal for campers to miss their home and family when they arrive, even for veteran campers! It is a healthy, common response. We have had considerable experience dealing with homesick campers and are ready to help. Know that homesickness often disappears as quickly as it arrives, and overcoming homesickness is an opportunity for personal growth. It is not uncommon to receive a letter (or several) during the first few days of camp reporting on feelings of homesickness. In this event, we need help from you:
– Keep in frequent contact, positive encouraging letters are best.
– Tell her that you are proud of her for conquering a challenge and ask her about new friends and skills.
– Encourage her to stick with it. Knowing that you have faith in her will help her get through the initial homesickness.
– Do not give her an out (as hard as that may be)
– Although it’s hard not to bargain with our kids, it’s important to refrain from telling your daughter that you will come and get her “if…” If your daughter knows that you will come at the drop of a hat, she will be less willing to really engage herself and overcome her homesickness. This is a huge life lesson.

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