summer camp


summer camp

Daily Schedule

A typical daily schedule at camp is exciting! No two days are the same! There is always something new and interesting to enjoy.

7:15 am – Reveille (Wake up to the morning bugle)

8:00 am – Flag Raising and Breakfast

9:30 am – Activities! Enjoy all the fun Camp Jeanne d’Arc has to offer, with a snack in between

1:00 pm – Lunch (Yummy!) and collect mail

2:00 pm – Rest Hour (Take a break on your bunk to rest, read, listen to music or write home)

3:00 pm – Choice Activity. Choose something new every day, or do your favorite again

5:00 pm – Cabin Time

6:00 pm – Dinner (Served family style, so take what you want. There’s a yummy salad bar too!)

7:00 pm – Evening activities (More activities after dinner, usually as a big group)

8:00 pm – Campfire and Goodnight Circle (Sing and relax before bed)

9:20 pm – Taps (Don’t forget the milk and cookies served to you before lights out)


Your daily schedule at summer camp might include field games like soccer, field hockey, or volleyball

Special programs

1st half of camp

your daily schedule at summer camp might include face painting

2nd half of camp

Wishing Night

Could camp come any sooner?


Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have answers. Go through your most frequently asked questions about schedule.

Keep in mind that camp is all about play! Your daughter will be very active at camp, clothes should be designed for this. We ask all our campers to wear closed-toe shoes around camp; flip-flops and sandals are allowed only at the waterfront. Clothes will get dirty and stained, so nothing should be sent that cannot be replaced. We ask each camper to bring her camp uniform to be worn on certain occasions throughout the summer. Polo will be provided.

We are a NO TECH ZONE at Camp Jeanne d’Arc! Part of the camp experience is “un-plugging,” enjoying nature, and connecting with others. For this reason, we do not allow campers to have any electronic device that may be used to play video games, watch shows or movies; nor do we allow them to have cell phones. What we do permit the girls to keep in their cabins are music only devices, like Mp3 players. No device with a screen is permitted. Remember that while Mp3s are allowed, we do not encourage campers to bring expensive and irreplaceable items with them to camp. If you have questions about a specific device, feel free to ask us!

Except for very unique circumstances, we do not recommend campers call home. In most cases, a phone call home elicits a strong emotional response. Parents should contact camp directors with any concerns they may have. Letters home (through Camp Minder) are the preferred method of communication.

Join the adventure this summer!