Don’t take our word for it, let our campers tell you!

“Camp Jeanne d’Arc has provided me with a plethora of life skills I am forever thankful for. Not only can I credit some of my most memorable and fun childhood memories to this fantastic place, but also the access to great role models I still keep in touch with. The traditions and values of Camp Jeanne d’Arc make it a more meaningful experience than other various camps. The friends I have made at camp have given me an opportunity to understand and appreciate people from places I would no other way be connected to. It’s all a blur looking back on my six summers. I am thankful for the essential building blocks camp provided me, in which I apply to the rest of my life. Also, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to send a child to camp JDA to carry on such sententious traditions.” (16 year old 4th generation Camp Jeanne d’Arcer, 6 year camper from New Hampshire)

“Going to Camp Jeanne d’Arc was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From the moment I arrived I knew it was going to be different, everyone was willing to know you and have fun with you. The activities are super well organized, you get to do tons of activities and sports (including waterskiing, or wake boarding, tubing, canoeing… Which were my favorite!) And then we had special activities such as Christmas in July, Wish Upon a Star Night, awards night, barbecues on Sundays, motor trips… The facilities are super nice too, lots of cabins, an amazing lake, a huge field… And the best counselors of course!! But the real best thing about camp is how you feel that it’s a real family, and that you’re part of it. Sharing confidences with little campers when milk n cookies are delivered at night, Vespers… And of course Goodnight circle, I just loved goodnight circle! So really the best camp I’ve ever been to!” (16 year old, first time camper from Spain)

“This summer will be my 7th summer as a camper at JDA! I can’t explain how much this camp means to me. The people you meet there are unforgettable! I keep in contact with many girls from all over the world, and I see some who are pretty close to me.” (15 year old, 6 year camper from Pennsylvania)