“Who ever said that sending a child away to summer camp for the first time was easy! I expected to feel a tug on the heart strings but I did not anticipate the flood of emotions that would cause me to blubber like a baby all the way home. No one ever said that I would be the one crying? What is wrong with me?”

The truth is, sending a child to summer camp for the first time can be heart wrenching for a parent. All of those concerns come barreling in and weigh upon your heart like a ton of bricks. At Camp Jeanne d’ Arc we understand that it is a leap of faith to leave your child in the care of another. We are committed to providing personal care for each and every one of our campers, with special attention paid to our first time campers. We are committed to the First Time Camper Promise.

 First Time Camper Promise:

Day 1: Personalized welcome by staff, counselors and cabin mates

Day 2: Pictures of your camper sent to you

Day 3: Personal “check-in” with your camper by a member of our Senior Staff

Day 4: Personal email from your camper’s counselor with an update on her status

Our promise to you may not alleviate all of those first time jitters, but it is our hope that you will breathe easy knowing that your camper is safe and well taken care of. Before you know it, you will be picking up your happy camper and there will be tears again. What? Yes, it’s true. But this time they will be hers, and she will be crying because she doesn’t want to leave.

We hope to see you at Camp Jeanne d’Arc!

Sandy and Randy Abbott
Camp Jeanne d’Arc, owners/directors
“Camp JDA: Empowering Young Women Since 1922”