This morning we wrapped up everyone’s favorite tradition of Smugglers. Everyone woke up at 6 am to finish looking for the cans that the Smugglers team had hidden the night before in the woods. After the game finished, we all sleepily ate breakfast. Then after breakfast we had the fun part of opening up the cans to see which team won. The Smugglers had 6 real dollars, while the R.O.’s only had 3, making the Smugglers win which is a difficult task to do! Then after can opening we all went back to sleep for the morning until lunch- a well deserve and needed rest from playing hard. Then we all woke up just in time for lunch which is Randy’s favorite, corndogs!! Then we all went back to cabins for more rest and then up for afternoon activities. We had many fun activities including club practice for those going for the canoe, sail, mount or campcraft clubs.For dinner we had baked potatoes and then we concluded the day with our wacky Wednesday talent show and campfire. It was another fun day here at CJDA.

Love, Caitlin