No Stopping the Fun!


Today we had on and off thunderstorms but that didn’t stop Jeanne d’ Arcers from having fun!
This morning we had regularly scheduled activities like sail, canoe, tennis and soccer. We enjoyed some delicious chili and corn bread for lunch. Dessert at lunch was everyone’s favorite, CHIPWICHES! Two cabins, the Falcons and the Eagles, were taken to a local Tasty-Freeze as a special treat for having the cleanest cabin 7 days in a row! The rest of camp enjoyed a super relaxing rest hour.
In the afternoon, cabin groups created paper bag skits, skits created with props put in a bag by another cabin. The winning cabin, the Owls, will be enjoying an extra 30 minutes of sleep tomorrow morning. After skits, all of camp learned this year’s camp dance taught by Sandy.
Dinner was some yummy quesadillas, followed by Candy Cart, an occasional dessert consisting of 1 selection of your favorite candy. After dinner the girls watched a movie to end a fun day in a relaxing way. The campers made today awesome despite the dismal forecast with their fun, loving attitudes.

Vivian Todd