Save Woodsheart Fundraiser Closes!

Hello Camp Jeanne d’Arc Community!

Our “Save Woodsheart” fundraiser is closed! What an incredible outpouring of support for our beloved Woodsheart cabin and for Camp Jeanne d’Arc!

Our community raised over $35,000 to aid in the restoration!  Thank you to all who donated!

Cardinal ($25)

  • Dorothy A Carlton-Herity
  • Agnes Adams
  • Stacey Crystal

Eagle ($50)

  • Celine Bonnin
  • Mimi Marchev
  • Lois Mariano
  • Beverly Reilly
  • Kirkley Silverman

Happy Hearts ($100)

  • Janice Arends
  • Ann Avitabile
  • Kerry Brown
  • Kate Burkett
  • Kevin Concannon
  • Amélie Couture
  • DawnMarie Crump
  • Emma Denson
  • Elizabeth Eisen
  • Louise T Keelty
  • Pamela Kober
  • Emily Larkin
  • Aimee Marett
  • Marigrace Morris
  • Nell Muldoon
  • Joanna Roberson
  • Kathy Sadlowski
  • Meghan Sweeney
  • Olivia Tomaselli
  • Mariela Velazquez
  • Deirdre Weatherston
  • Sharon Wiegand
  • Ellen Singh

Fighting Maidens ($200)

  • Kathleen Thompson
  • Fran Bisselle
  • Meredith Curran
  • Eliot Frosst
  • Mary Grace Glascott
  • Rosalind Joyce
  • Greg Marett
  • Bonnie O’Keefe
  • Ashley Rolls
  • Lisa Stevenson
  • Amanda Cleveland-Miller
  • Jennifer McKeon

Piece of Woodsheart ($350)

  • Gialianis Calixto
  • Lauren Cesiro and Maria Salas
  • Nora Hanley
  • Peter Keenan
  • Erin McRae
  • Mary Ann Vanco

Chateaugay Champion ($500)

  • Elizabeth Aikens
  • Christy Kaskey
  • Judy Norton
  • Charlotte Roney
  • Tim and Mary Sullivan
  • Joyce Family

Woodsheart Warrior ($1,000+)

  • Alice Bateman
  • Cristina Hillyer
  • Ana Maria Young
  • Adriana/ Chabela Blanes
  • Rita GeBauer (Murray)
  • Marta D Hernandez
  • Renee Hile
  • Elisabeth Maher
  • Caroline McConnie
  • Maria Pearl
  • Kate Pignata
  • Kim Ashton Whalen
  • Ross and Jennifer Yaggy
  • Liz Rambo
  • Joanne Cesiro

“Colonel” Donors ($2,000+)

  • Alexa Nadal Cormier
  • Katie Feola
  • Kathy and Joe Feola
  • David Lew

Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thanks to those members of our community who donated their time, talents, and gifts for our first virtual auction and online campaign:

  • Chantal Couture
  • Lizzy Duffy
  • Emily John
  • Marian Leitner-Waldman
  • Peg Marie
  • Christina Marinucci
  • Ann Marie Young
  • DJ Young
  • Dawn Wilson
  • Lisa Zadrevac

*if your name is not displayed correctly or you would like it stated differently, reply to

How did we raise the funds? Some members of our community created works of art and donated goods to be auctioned; others purchased that art and those goods. Some purchased picnic tables, benches, camp experiences, and more; while others participated in our online campaign. Some did all of the above! It was an impressive team effort.

Although we did not reach our $55K goal, we witnessed outstanding support and commitment from many members of our community who care about this organization and the mission we are on to “help families build strong girls.”

The Woodsheart project will continue to move forward this fall, but the scope of the project will likely need to change. We won’t have all the answers until we begin the project, but one thing we know for sure is that we will use every bit of the donation money to restore our beloved Woodsheart to keep it strong for another 100 years.

A few additional notes:

  •  If you did not have a chance to donate and would like to, you may email It’s not too late!
  •  The Camp Jeanne d’Arc Foundation will issue letters of donation via email in January. Please let us know if you need documentation sooner.
  • All donation prizes (t-shirts, postcards, art prints, etc.) will ship no later than Nov. 1st. A “piece of Woodsheart” may take a bit longer as we will work alongside our construction crew to create the keepsakes. We will be in touch when your items are shipping out.
  • Updates on the project will happen on social media channels and in the Blue Sparks Newsletter.

Once again, we thank you for being a part of this extraordinary community, and for working with us to help build strong girls!


Sandy and Randy Abbott
Camp Jeanne d’Arc