All Girl Sleepaway Camps in New York

At this all girl sleepaway camp in New York, campers learn to sail

How to Choose One of the Best All Girl Sleepaway Camps in New York

Camp Jeanne d’Arc is one of a select few premier all girl sleepaway camps in New York state. With standout activities including horseback riding, sailing, waterski, and archery; this all girl sleepaway camp in New York state tops of list. 

Camp Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc, in French) is located on over 100 acres of land in the Adirondack State Park in Upstate New York. A more comprehensive list of activities includes field sports, tennis, basketball, performing and visual arts, target sports, and nature exploration. Campers bunk with campers their own age in charming and unique cabins with indoor plumbing and hot water showers. As a traditional all girl sleepaway camp in New York, Camp Jeanne d’Arc also provides activities such as nightly campfire, arts and crafts, fire building, tent camping, hiking, canoeing, milk and cookies before bed, and more.

Why the Best?: Empowering Girls Since 1922

Camp Jeanne d’Arc is more than just an activities camp. With more than 100-years of history, this camp is rich in tradition. One especially unique tradition to this all girl sleepaway camp in New York state is the focus on girls empowerment. At Camp Jeanne d’Arc the entire program is centered around helping their young campers gain self-confidence. This is done as campers are given the opportunity to: find her voice, discover her talents, and realize her value.

Find Her Voice

Campers find their voice as they stand up, stand out, take risks, and try new things. At CJDA, an all girl sleepaway camps in New York, this is done in weekly variety shows, running for team captain, going out for clubs, participating in tournaments, and presenting the “morning talk.” As campers find the courage to step up, they feel powerful; realizing they are capable of success.

Discover Her Talents

Campers discover their talents as they are presented with myriad activities to explore. From watersports to arts and crafts, field sports to musical theatre, mountaineering to bracelet making–everyone will find something they are passionate about. Through this exposure and experimentation, girls gain confidence as they discover who they really are, not clouded by what others think is cool.

Realize Her Value

Finally, campers feel empowered at this all girls summer camp in New York state as they participate in meaningful activities that help them realize their value. Campers at CJDA take part in weekly service projects both within and outside of the camp community. They tie blankets for those in need, make cards for vets, assemble birthday bags for the community, and perform acts of service for their counselors. Through this experience, these young campers are forgetting about themselves for a brief period to think about another. This helps their confidence soar as they get all the “good feels” from doing something for another.

Be Selective When Choosing a Camp

While researching the many all girl summer camps in New York, be sure to look beyond the camp’s activities to the the camp’s history, mission, and values. Make sure they align with yours, to ensure that your daughter will be engaged in an environment that will empower her to be her best.