Tech-free at Camp Jeanne d’Arc Summer Camp

Not on screens here!

The Benefits of Unplugging for the Summer

No screens? No problem. A  totally unplugged, tech-free summer camp did wonders for the social skills of my daughters.  I am not an expert on brain neurons or social relationships or technology by any means. But I am an expert on two young teenage girls. And this is what I have to say:

Three and a half weeks at a tech-free overnight summer camp has improved my daughters’ abilities to form and maintain meaningful social relationships.

It must be so freeing for my daughters and all of these young girls to hand in their phones at Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s check-in. They don’t have to interpret a potentially drama-charged text from a schoolmate. They don’t have to wonder who was invited to the beach-stay where buddies are pictured on Instagram. They don’t have to feel pressured to respond to Snapchat in a funny but not offensive but definitely not cringey way.

Benefits of a Tech-Free Summer

So your daughter goes to overnight summer camp without technology, so what?  What is the difference anyway?  Here are a few benefits to unplugging at a tech-free overnight summer camp.

  1. Engage.  When the phone is down and the girls are completely unplugged, they don’t have to consider if a better option is out there. They can focus on the here and now and fully engage in the activities, traditions, and relationships that are filling their time. Even cabin clean-up time becomes a bonding experience when your kids can’t sneak away to look at who might be texting!
  2. Connect with Nature. Rather than “liking” a picture of nature, your child will be touching, smelling, listening, and seeing nature first hand! Come to think of it, she will also be tasting nature as she picks fresh sugar snap peas from Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s own Victory Garden!  And they won’t be doing it just for the Instagram story, they’ll be connecting with nature to connect with nature!
  3. Homesickness. When kids unplug from technology, homesickness improves.  It’s true!  Connectivity to the world at home can increase homesickness…when campers go tech-free and learn new habits, new routines, and deepen relationships with those around them, their independence and resilience grows.
  4. Communication Skills. Learning to be present with someone is a skill that our daughters need to develop.  Often technology can be a crutch in an awkward moment or to fill the gaps in conversation.  But without it, our children build the skills to be fully present and engaged with the people they care about.

Instead of Being Tied to Technology, Your Child will be Tied to her Friends

A few weeks at Camp Jeanne d’Arc, a tech-free overnight summer camp, you child will be doing this instead:

  • Instead of making TikToks, they will be huddled with their cabin mates figuring out what words rhyme with “Jeanne d’Arc” as they write and choreograph their cabin song.
  • Instead of scrolling reels, they will be preparing to lead their own hike to Silver Lakes for Mountaineering club.
  • Instead of beating their last score in solitaire, they will be arm in arm with their summer sisters singing campfire songs into the night.
  • Instead of texting, they will be visiting all the cabins to memorize camper and counselor names for the highly regarded recognition of Name Game champion.
  • Instead of binging on Netflix, they will be playing Smugglers with their besties in the woods, trying to find cans and uncover the Smugglers’ hideout.

Instead of being tied to technology, they will be tied to their friends. They will be with each other. Talk, paddle, sing, hike, play cards, laugh.  And sometimes just be. With each other. 

A Technology-free Summer is a Gift to our Kids

The tech-free overnight summer camp at Camp Jeanne d’Arc is a gift to these young girls – a gift of creating the optimal environment for meaningful and life-long friendships. By unplugging, these girls are forming bonds based on person-to-person interactions. They converse, read facial expressions, hug, cry, sit in quietude, and laugh. None of which can happen on a phone. All which enhance positive meaningful social relationships.


Because after all, camp friends are forever, right?