Spring Blue Sparks

Dear Camp Jeanne d’Arc community,

I have been thinking about music a lot lately. What summertime shows are playing at the local outdoor venue, what songs my teenagers are into, what do I think of the new Taylor Swift album etc. And every now and then, a camp song will pop into my head. Maybe I’ll start whistling “Oh we’re all out camping in the Adirondacks” or I’ll be on my daily walk and start humming “On the loose to climb a mountain” or I’ll hold my newborn niece and sing softly “Oh evening at Jeanne d’Arc…” 

Doesn’t music represent a nice little microcosm for Camp? Even if we are not actively thinking about JDA, the melody of our experiences are always there, right below the surface, waiting for it’s time to brighten our day!

In this issue of Blue Sparks, enjoy a spotlight on this summer’s Waterfront Director, results from a facebook poll on evening activity, and an interview with mother/daughter alum Livvy Dineed and Ashley Rolls.  And if you ever find yourself singing a little camp ditty, let us know, we’d love to know that you are thinking about camp!

All the Best,

Liz Bateman Rambo
Head of Alumnae 

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