Rent a Cabin at Camp Jeanne d’Arc

Have you ever dreamed of coming back to Camp Jeanne d’Arc and sleeping in your favorite cabin? Or imagined singing around the campfire or taking a dip in Chateaugay Lake? This may be the perfect opportunity! As Camp Jeanne d’ Arc has been forced to close her doors to campers for the summer, we have been permitted to open for private rentals. Of course we are ever mindful of the global pandemic we are all fighting. As such, we will require all participants to adhere to health and safety guidelines and courtesies to keep all our guests safe and well.

If you are interested in learning more about this special opportunity to support Camp Jeanne d’Arc through her 2020 closure, we encourage you to send us a message through FB or email us directly at It is important for us to get a gauge on how many are truly interested before we can move forward. You may also choose to join our Facebook Group, Rent a Cabin at Camp Jeanne d’Arc, where we will post details including pricing, camp rules, covid safety guidelines etc.

We will look forward to hearing from those who many be interested in renting a cabin at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc on this, our historic 99th summer!