Sailboat Fundraiser–Little Kids Doing Big Kid Things

Little kids doing big kid things.” This is the mantra that guided our sailboat fundraiser.  In fact, this is what camp is all about — giving opportunities for young women to do things outside of their comfort zone to accomplish goals and build confidence. All the while enjoying a sense of community and love.

We seriously cannot wait to see our lower campers operate the new Prams on the waterfront.  And we are super excited to see the middle and upper campers work together to maneuver the new 420 at upper lake.

There will be nine year-olds analyzing the wind and pulling in the sheet.  There will be twelve year-olds calling “jive ho!” as they turn their boats against the wind.  There will be fifteen year-old mastering the dry capsize as they tack their way back to camp. These are all things that our campers would never have done if not for the dozens of camp alum, families, and friends donating to the sailboat fundraiser.  The sailing program needed this boost and the campers are going to benefit from your generosity!  Thank you!!

We’d like to give a special acknowledgement to those who supported the “Leaky” boat. The Leahy family was especially touched by all the donations in honor of their beloved Anne. We have received overwhelming feedback about how Anne Leahy would be so honored to know her legacy at camp lives on.  We hope that all the campers who sail “Leaky” will forever feel her camp spirit!

We’d like to recognize all of our generous donors:

Jumpstart Jib

Emma Progar
Kerry McCullough Brown
Eileen Day
Cynthia Tidwell Chillemi
Meredith Curran
Cristina Ferrari
Leila Molahan
Shan Hicks
Kyriena McLaughlin
Megan Dugdale
Megan Steele
Jennifer Yaggy
Nailah Gumbs-Fahoe
Patricia Yepiz
Laura Markowski Sams
Julie Ward
Nell Muldoon

Port Patron

David Lew
Emma Denson
Blanca Isabela Quinones
Laura Suelau
Maria Batista
Adriana Haigler
Kim Ashton Whalen
Selma Basora
Cristina Perez Soto
Kathleen Wilks
Carolyn Crosby
Mary Lee FitzPatrick
Catherine Cook
Amanda Cleveland-Miller
Ann Spring Murphy
Elena Cardillo
Olivia Tomaselli
Ellen Ivers
Suzanne O’Brien
Joanna Roberson
Molly McNamara
Judy Norton
Nell Muldoon

Starboard Supporter

Hugh and Kathleen Leahy
Ann Spring Murphy
Elizabeth Duffy
Francisco Pujol
Natalie Suhl Bernardino
Suzanne Ostiguy McIntyre
Carrie Parker
Lois Mariano
Robin Biasotti

Boom Booster

David and Barbara Brooker
Susanne McIntyre
Sue Ogle
Rafael Blanes
Mariana Navedo
Betsy Aikens
Cindi Hanley
Ana Maria Young
Bern and Mark Langdon

Experience Donor

Katie Feola
Liz and Rob Rambo

Boat Sponsors

The Bateman/Doyle/Scanlan Family
Claire Cormier-Thielke and Alexa Nadal Cormier
The Burkett Family
Family and friends of Anne “Leaky” Leahy