Lauren CWe are so pleased to have one of our beloved alumnae, Lauren Cesiro,

return to camp this summer to share her passion for CJDA and photography.

Here is Lauren’s story:

I was a camper, counselor, and staff member at JDA for eleven summers.
My most vivid summer memories were spent there canoeing, playing team
games, paper bag skit-ing, creating arts and crafts, and more.  My Mom
(Joanne Rubino Cesiro) and sister (Kristen Cesiro Goldman) were also
campers.  When we talk about camp, we mostly talk about campfire.
It’s our favorite part of JDA.  The coming together of the entire camp
to share in song at day’s end is a perfect example of what makes camp
unique.  No matter what team you’re on, what cabin you’re in, what
activity you excel at, every camper, counselor, and staff member is
always there to support one another.  This feeling of family is
inherent in campfire and the culture at JDA.  I’m so thankful to have
experienced it myself and to know that other campers will experience
it too.

This summer I’m looking forward to visiting camp from June 27 – June
29th to offer a Photography Workshop as an option during Choice.  If
you sign up for the workshop, you’ll get to experiment with different
photographic techniques and subjects.  We’ll spend some time on day
three talking about digital photography but the two days prior are
centered around the historic processes that make photography what it
is: drawings with light.  We’ll construct our own pinhole cameras,
experiment with sun prints, develop photomontages, and much more!  I’m
looking forward to meeting you and creating with you at camp!

Lauren Cesiro is the Assistant Director of Education at the Long
Island Museum in Stony Brook, NY.  She teaches school and adult groups
in history and art in addition to assisting the Director of Education
with the planning and implementation of public programs.  Recently,
Lauren co-curated the exhibition The Brush is My Pen: Art That Tells
Stories (currently on view at the Long Island Museum.)  When she’s not
at LIM, Lauren is an adjunct professor of Art History at Fairfield
University in Connecticut.