Here We All Sing…

“I got married and am the proud mum of 2 daughters that are 5.5 and 4.5 years old. I went back to school this year to do an MBA. I plan on sending my daughters to camp when they grow up.”

Barabara Withington Meglis
Acton, MA,
Camp Years: 1964-1974 (approx — I think I skipped one summer in there)

“It has been wonderful reuniting with camp friends like Connie Drapeau Kennedy and Lois Peterson Mariano, two campers I grew up with and whom I still consider to be two of my very best friends. The friends made at camp are life-long. Just recently Connie and I met up with camp counselor extraordinaire, Mary Hunt, in Washington, DC, in January for the Women’s March. I hadn’t seen those ladies since Connie and I were Owls in 1973. Just like old times. Through Facebook we have been in contact with many other campers from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It is incredibly fun to see old photos and reminisce about our fun times at Camp Jeanne d’Arc. Thank you for carrying on the traditions we know and love so much from our youth and for including us all in your journey forward. Empowering girls to become strong women is a major task, and Camp seems more important now than ever. Best wishes to you all!”

Dj Young
Troy, NY,
Camp Years: 1994-1997, 2001-2003

“I will officially graduate with my Masters in Special and Elementary Education with certification from birth to K as well. I also will receive my bachelor’s in alternative/augmentative communication. It has taken a few years but excited to help families and children with special needs!”

Marisa Pujals
Guaynabo, PR,
Camp Years: 1993 ,1996

“Hello from beautiful Puerto Rico! I got married to Rafa, a handsome Venezuelan guy, in 2006 and have 2 beautiful kids- Elena (6) and Alejandro (1). I was a Parrot, a Falcon and forever a Jolis! Hope my daughter goes to JDA one day! Much love to all.”

Geraldine Colon
Dorado, PR,
Camp Years: 1982

“My daughter also enjoyed camp for 4 years. CJDA is still as special as it was when I went to camp.”

Erin Moran
Norwalk, CT,
Camp Years:1995-2000? Maybe longer?

“I had two boys- Charles Henry Moran (2yrs old) and Michael Theodore Moran (4 months).”

Linda Kenny

Linda and her sisters who attended camp

Charlotte, NC,
Camp Years: 1964-1969

My daughter, Cara and her daughters, Lillian and Violet , will be attending 2 weeks of camp in August. Cara will be working as a nurse and the girls attending camp. Don’t know what cabins they will be in. Maybe Flicker for Violet (9) and Orioles for Lillian? (11). I don’t remember the ages for each cabin..It’s been awhile. I know they will LOVE camp as I did. My other daughter, Elizabeth will be staying here in Charlotte and loving her new baby boy, Archer.
We all live in Charlotte, NC

Paloma Sotomayor
Quito, Pichincha,
Camp Years: 1993 camper, 2003 counselor

“I now live in Ecuador (I’m Peruvian), I’m a Neuropsychologist, I have an 18 month son”