Happy Birthday to…Everyone!

Today at Camp Jeanne d’Arc, it started out rainy but turned into a nice day! We woke up to one of camp’s favorite breakfasts of bagels and bacon. Next, we cleaned up and got ready for morning activities. The girls participated in an abundance of activities. Today one of our Falcons took out an exciting hike to Silver Lake Trail. The girls came back tired but excited.

For lunch we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup, another camp favorite. Once our tummies were full, we went to rest hour.
After rest hour we celebrated Super Saturday. The theme was Birthday Party! At lunch we sat with our friends who share the same birth month. So following rest hour, we decorated birthday cakes! They looked beautiful! Next we went through 3 different rotations. The groups were based on the time of year the girls were born. The rotations were musical chairs, extreme pin the tail on the donkey and birthday card making for each other. This was followed by an awesome dance party! The afternoon was such a blast and everyone had so much fun!
After showering, we went to dinner which was pizza! It was delicious. Following dinner it was camper vs. counselor Capture the Flag. The game was very exciting and totally fun. To end the day we began campfire outside. We moved inside about half way through due to thunder, but we continued singing and enjoying a lovely camp tradition. That’s a rap for today at CJDA.
Izzi Hoff