Fourth of July at Camp Jeanne d’Arc

One of the hallmark qualities of Camp Jeanne d’Arc is that it is considered a traditional overnight camp for girls.  And with traditional overnight camps comes … Traditions! 

There is a very specific technique to the traditional Fourth of July water slide down Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s Archery Hill.  Curious about how we do it?  

You’re gonna need high-grade professional plastic, an extra long hose, and a dash of dish soap.  The plastic runway has to be angled just right down the slope.  You have to make sure the slide is long enough for the campers to slow down before hitting the grass. Campers in bathing suits line up and take a running start. The trip down is exhilarating with a smidge of fear that you will veer to the side and skid on the grass.  Experienced campers will be sure to pop up to their feet at the end to avoid the slowly-forming puddle at the bottom while rookies will likely end up muddy! 

Tradition that Endures the Test of Time

Traditions of overnight summer camp at Camp Jeanne d’Arc have spanned decades! In fact, we honor dozens of traditions just like the Fourth of July waterslide.  Some of these traditions have lasted almost a century like Wishing Night, feather-picking, and Christmas in July.  Campers old and new as well as staff and even alumnae look forward to seeing these traditions endure the test of time!

More Fourth of July Festivities

And while the Archery Hill waterslide is a highlight to the traditional Fourth of July festivities at Camp Jeanne d’Arc, there is so much more! This year, campers had an amazing day of sunshine as they enjoyed:

  • BBQ feast
  • Water balloons
  • Festive accessories – Hats, face paint, stars and stripes
  • Ship-to-Shore
  • Independence Day crafts
  • American football
  • Greasy watermelon
  • Viewing evening fireworks on the Chalet Lawn!

Camp Jeanne d’Arc alumnae will tell you that their favorite part of the Fourth of July festivities was when the counselors would mount horses and ride through camp screaming, “The British are coming! The British are coming!”  

Nowadays, when lunch lets out and the waterslide is ready, campers may not scream that the British are coming, but I’m pretty sure everyone on Chateaugay Lake will hear the screams of delight as they race to be first in line to ride the Archery Hill waterslide!

Traditions Shape the Camper Experience

This is just one example of how traditions at a traditional overnight camp for girls shape the camper experience.  Campers this summer and campers many summers ago are participating in the same traditions.  Traditions that value community, traditions that embrace the outdoors, traditions that celebrate national pride, traditions that span a hundred years.  Traditions that build strong girls. Follow Camp Jeanne d’Arc along on Instagram to see more about how traditions like the Fourth of July impact campers this summer! Happy Fourth of July!