COVID 19 Update 5/23/20

Hello Camp Jeanne d’Arc Families! We send warm greetings to all and hope everyone is safe and well.

Although we continue to await Governor Cuomo’s approval to host camp this summer, we’re encouraged by the CDC’s Summer Camp Field Guide, providing guidance to operate under the current conditions. Upon Cuomo’s approval, we anticipate more detailed guidelines from the NY Health Department. At that time we will carefully consider our ability to confidently meet these requirement before we make our final decision about opening camp. Our decision deadline is June 15th.

Parents, please be advised that you will be active participants in camp preparation, more so than ever before. There will be self-screening requirements prior to arrival. And more than likely, testing will also be required. Of course, more details to follow, but we’ll need all of our Camp Jeanne d’Arc families working together to help keep camp safe.

And finally, please tell our amazing campers that we love them and hope to see them soon in the great outdoors!!


Sandy and Randy Abbott

Owners & Directors, Camp Jeanne d’Arc

Cell: 704-936-7459 (Sandy) Cell: 704.960.3949 (Randy)