Candid Review from a Camper

Top 3 Things about Camp Jeanne d’Arc

The  things I will be telling you about in this essay are the top three things I loved most about Jeanne D’arc. It was very difficult to choose my favorites because I have too many, but I managed. Hope I can come back soon!

          One thing that I loved about Jeanne D’arc was the food. There were always delicious foods and different types each time. One of my favorite meals was breakfast because I love cereal! There were many cereals (my favorite was the lucky charms) and different milks for different cereals. I like different types of milk depending on the cereal. For lunch, my favorite was definitely the walking taco. I never ate anything like it before, and I like to try new things because it could be one of my new favorite foods! I preferred mine with some meat and lots of veggies. For dinner, my favorite was probably the chicken nuggets. Someone at my table (I forgot who) sayed that they tasted just like McDonalds which made me want them even more! I haven’t had McDonalds before but apparently they taste good.

         Another thing that I loved about Jeanne D’arc were the activities. My favorite was probably swimming. Although the waters were chilly, it was fun to swim around with my friends. Also after about ten minutes of swimming we got warm and it was great. Another one of my favorites had to be the BB guns. I wasn’t the best shooter but it was still fun to pop the balloons. I loved that my best friend, Sydney, was in almost the same classes as me.

         Lastly, the thing I love most about Jeanne D’arc were the memories I made. For example, I remember when whenever we could, me and Sydney would always hang out with the adorable dog. I loved petting the kind hearted puppuccino. Another memory I had was when I used to play on the swings with Sydney and have swing competitions on who could swing higher, she almost did a full flip! One of my favorites was when we sang songs around the campfire before bed. But, my favorite memory was probably when we used to go to the garden, next to the swings, and eat the peas.

             There were many more things I loved about Jeanne D’arc but I chose my top  three favorites. Otherwise you would be here for hours. I hope I can come back this summer and make even more memories.

Happy Camper ’23