You all know the show Cheers, right? Sing-along with me… “Where everybody knows your name (doh, doh, doh, doh) and they’re always glad you came (doh, doh, doh).” At Cheers there was a real sense of community, more like a family, really. Everybody who entered was called by name. They were greeted, listened to, appreciated, consoled, celebrated… there is a reason why we all kept watching for so many years; we secretly wished for a place like Cheers of our own.
If you’ve ever been to Camp Jeanne d’ Arc, in upstate New York, you know about the Name Game. The first three days of each session the two camp teams (“Jolis Coeurs” and “Les Pucelles”) compete for the coveted Name Game points. That is to say, that any girl who can go around the entire dining room reciting the first and last names of every camper earns major points for her team. The dining hall erupts (regardless of the victors) in songs and cheers as each young woman completes the challenging task. But the victory does not end there. You see, the bigger victory happens in the days and weeks to come. What started with the sharing of a name grows into the sharing of stories and jokes, hugs and smiles, s’mores and skits. It happens at meal time, canoeing, camp fire, hiking and cabin time. What started as a name, has now grown into a friendship.
When you come to Camp Jeanne d’ Arc, you join the family. Your daughter will receive the personal attention and care that is needed for a successful camp experience. She will be listened to, appreciated, consoled and celebrated. Her counselors will know when she needs an extra pat on the back or a few extra minutes of sleep. That’s what families do.
Camp Jeanne d’Arc is the camp “where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came.”

Sandy Abbott
Camp Jeanne d’ Arc, owner/director