Camp Jeanne d’Arc Joins Canyonlands Camps

Hello Camp Jeanne d’Arc Friends and Families! 

In 2016, our family jumped both feet first into the exciting world of summer camp ownership at Camp Jeanne d’Arc. We quickly picked feathers, learned traditions, memorized songs, and fell in love with Colonel’s mission and all things Camp Jeanne d’Arc. Over the past 7 summers, we have hosted over a thousand campers and staff from all over the world and 2022 was our biggest and best summer yet. Preparations for summer 2023 are well underway! It’s shaping up to be another outstanding summer with hundreds of campers and counselors coming from all over the world. It’ll be no time before we are gathered around the fireplace in the Hearth, singing in Good Night Circle, and swimming in Lake Chateaugay. 

It’s amazing to think back over the past 100+ summers at what Colonel started, and the thousands and thousands of lives that have been touched as a result. We, Sandy and Randy, are so honored to be part of the exclusive group of Camp Jeanne d’Arc owners, and are happy to now pass the title and responsibility of Camp Jeanne d’Arc ownership to another outstanding wife-husband team, Caroline and Connor, founders of Canyonlands Camps. We’re not going anywhere though! We love Jeanne d’Arc and we’re continuing in our roles as stewards of Camp Jeanne d’Arc as Executive Directors.

Canyonlands Camps is a family of best-in-class summer camps (including another 100-year-old all-girls summer camp!), and believes that the camp experience can play an incredible role in youth development. The goal of everyone on the Canyonlands team is to preserve tradition, culture, and the unique magic that each summer camp enjoys. They are committed to continuing to invest in our beloved Camp–and more importantly, the people–that make Camp special. All of that is to say that the things you love about Camp Jeanne d’Arc will not change! 

Let’s dive a little deeper into questions you may have as an alum of Camp Jeanne d’Arc:


Why did the Abbotts sell CJDA?: Running a summer camp is more than just fun and games. Sandy & Randy look forward to sharing the load—particularly in the areas of accounting, insurance, marketing, and IT— allowing Sandy & Randy to focus on the most important work: hiring a fantastic staff and creating life-changing experiences for campers! The collaboration and ability to share best practices with other experienced camp professionals is also a major benefit to joining the Canyonlands family of camps. 

When did the sale take place?: The sale was completed on March 24, 2023. The Abbotts began sharing the news with their senior staff and key alumni the following week. Sandy and Randy first met Caroline and Connor in December 2022.

How does the sale of camp affect the upcoming summer?: You will see no significant changes in the way Camp Jeanne d’Arc runs and operates. Those who are currently enrolled for this upcoming summer will see nothing change. Camp will be as awesome as ever!

Leadership: The senior leadership staff at Camp Jeanne d’Arc will remain the same, with Sandy & Randy Abbott as full-time Executive Camp Directors, Lauren Cesiro as Senior Director of Counselor and Camper Relations, and Maria Salas as Senior Director of Operations and Lead Director. Sandy and Randy and their senior staff will continue with the same stringent hiring processes and practices used in previous years.

Canyonlands’ Role at CJDA: The Canyonlands team supports the behind-the-scenes operations of camp: everything from finance and accounting, marketing and IT. They make it easier for Sandy & Randy to do the most important work: running camp! Canyonlands also provides a community and network of experienced camp professionals to share best practices. 

Traditions: All camp traditions, including the Hearth boards, clubs, campfire traditions, trophies, mass on Sunday, etc. will remain the same. There will be no changes. 

The Camp Jeanne d’Arc Foundation: The Camp Jeanne d’Arc Foundation, 501(c)3, has always been a separate entity to Camp JDA, and will remain so. All funds donated to the Foundation, including recent Save Woodsheart campaign donations, are completely separate from Camp Jeanne d’Arc, and will be used as the Foundation board designates and decides. All questions regarding the Foundation should be directed to the Camp Jeanne d’Arc Foundation board members. 

What kind of camps does Canyonlands own?: Canyonlands partners with camps across the country that have strong enrollment, high retention, deeply embedded culture, well-maintained facilities, and exceptional teams. This means partnering with owners who want to ensure that their camp’s legacy remains intact and continues serving campers for years to come.

What are the other camps in the Canyonlands family?: Camp Runoia, Camp Twin Creeks, Alpengirl, and Camp Hidden Meadows.

What happens after a camp joins Canyonlands?: The experience for campers, families, and seasonal staff remains the same. Canyonlands does not make significant changes to the camp’s identity, culture, or programming. 

Canyonlands does invest in facilities upgrades (year one projects at other camps have included: staff housing, an alpine tower, and restoration of historic buildings). 

For the year-round team, there are changes to HR processes, accounting, and management systems, and routines. 

Meeting Canyonlands: Would you like to meet Caroline & Connor, founders of Canyonland Camps? They would love to meet you, hear your Jeanne d’Arc stories, and answer any questions you have! 

Join us on a Zoom call on Wednesday, May 3, 2023 7:00pm