New York Leadership Summer Camp for Girls Adriondacks

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6 Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

Once school’s out, some parents stress over how they’re going to keep their child busy, active, and entertained for an entire summer. It’s no easy feat. That’s where we like to point out the many benefits of summer camps for kids. Your children are undoubtedly gaining valuable experiences and ... [read more]

“Camp Time”

We hosted about 20 visitors at camp today for Parent’s Day, including a few camp alumni. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. A perfect day for an afternoon BBQ, outdoor activities and a lovely outdoor campfire. All of our emotions were close to the surface as we sang together ... [read more]


Today was a really special day – it was our annual end-of-summer Banquet! This year’s theme was Bringe Loving Hertes. This is the phrase written in Old English above the windows on Woodsheart, camp’s first cabin. Our amazing counselors wanted to highlight camp’s mission as well as the caring ... [read more]