Another Spectacular Sunday at Camp!

Today was a beautiful sunny day here at JDA. The girls woke up from late sleep and were able to enjoy their delicious cinnamon bread breakfast outside on the lawn in the warm sunshine.

After spending some time writing home to families and friends, we then decided to take full advantage of the fabulous weather by heading down to the waterfront for Fun in the Sun. Here the girls were able to enjoy swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, or even just relaxing in the sun at our beautiful waterfront.
We then headed back for an amazing lunch and rest hour before afternoon activities began. As it was a Sunday, for afternoon activities the girls completed a secret service project for their fellow campers, in which the girls worked in cabin groups to perform an act of “secret service” for another cabin, such as helping them clean or leaving kind, inspirational messages for them. The girls had a lot of fun doing this. It’s almost like a reverse prank!  After rest hour we participated in Inspirational hour where campers attended either Bible studies, Mass or Inspirational Service.
In the evening the whole camp came together to enjoy some delicious burgers, hot dogs and watermelon. Followed by sundaes on Sunday. The girls played games such as soccer, parachute and “killer ball” as the sun set.
To finish the day, we all gathered for campfire around the fire pit before heading off to the cabins for bed. Time to rest up for another day of activities tomorrow.
Love, Phoebe