7 Benefits of Overnight Summer Camps

At first thought, choosing an overnight summer camps can seem like a scary decision. And understandably so. Sending your child off for a number of weeks with little or no communication is enough to make any parent uneasy. However, there are a number of benefits associated with residential summer camps that can help change a child forever. So, before you start worrying too much, think about these benefits and how they can help your child succeed and grow this summer.

1. Becoming Independent

One of the most important benefits of overnight or residential summer camps is a sense of independence— certainly an attribute that camp kids take with them throughout their lives. Once independence is learned, it is never truly forgotten.

Sometimes the age acceptance for a summer camp may seem much lower than expected. But it is important to remember that for most young children, interacting with their older peers can push them to try new things and actually feel more comfortable, sooner. This push towards independence also helps to develop their maturity, which proves to be invaluable as they continue throughout life. Mature individuals present themselves to others appropriately, know how to resolve conflicts, and have a more positive outlook on life.

2. Gaining Confidence

Working in tandem with independence, confidence comes after a child has recognized their ability to do something, and has completed a challenging task successfully. As they achieve more, they are able to gain more confidence and find the willingness to work hard on other things, which helps them build confidence in those areas.

3. Improving Social Skills

In a world where small children commonly own and carry personal electronic devices, finding time to unplug is incredibly important. Many children—and adults, admittedly—use electronics such as phones as a crutch in social situations, whipping them out at the first sign of what may be considered an “awkward” moment.

Overnight summer camps give kids a place where they can interact with others both like and unlike them. Being constantly plugged into a device can hinder the possibility of creating new relationships and learning about others’ perspectives and experiences. At first, spending time at camp without a device may be uncomfortable, but as time progresses, they will make friends and may even forget about their electronics altogether!

4. Appreciating Nature

In addition to improving their social skills, the best overnight summer camps offer kids a chance to experience nature in a whole new way when their heads aren’t buried in their phones. Since modern technology has lessened many children’s desire to go outside and play, camp offers them the opportunity to see more of what nature has to offer outside of what is common in many urban and suburban areas.

5. Learning New Skills

Of course, every one of these benefits is a skill in itself, but the activities they participate in at camp will teach them skills that can lead to the discovery of a new talent or hobby. Camp Jeanne d’ Arc takes pride in the wide variety of activities offered to all of our camp kids. With choices from sailing, archery, soccer, drama, dance, and so much more, there’s something offered for each and every child.

6. Working Together

Being independent, kids learn to work together through the many combined and trust-building activities they participate in at overnight summer camps. When children realize that working with others can help everyone involved succeed, they are more likely to use this practice throughout their lives.

Skills such as these are invaluable in the home (where the combined efforts of family members result in a properly functioning home) and in workplace settings (where employees often have to work in teams to accomplish difficult tasks).

7. Having Fun

Studies show that an overuse of electronic devices can lead to decreased levels of moment-to-moment happiness and life satisfaction. Whether it’s social media, video games, or general mindless distraction, there are many things out there that can prevent our kids from enjoying themselves and happily living life to the fullest. The experiences they gain at overnight summer camps will help them recognize the fun that can be had away from their devices.

In addition, camp can help kids relieve the stress they might have experienced during the previous school year. Having a healthy way to de-stress can help them clear their heads to be better prepared for the next school year. Without an outlet during the summer, kids can be distracted at school and can negatively affect their own grades.

Unlike day camps, overnight summer camps give kids the chance to let experiences sink in. Since they are not preoccupied with coming and going every day, they focus on what’s right in front of them and can enjoy every moment of their time away.

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