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Our campers love Camp Jeanne d’Arc so much that it’s very common for them to keep coming back year after year. We are so proud of this, and work hard to ensure that they are able to gain new skills as well as continue to develop existing ones each summer they come. Many outdoor summer camps get redundant year after year with the same old activities, and girls can feel like they are no longer being challenged after multiple years! Our clubs are designed with those summer camp programs in mind, to add a layer of knowledge and skill development to the camp experience!

Girls get to work up to clubs by developing their skills during traditional and choice activities as a part of normal camp days. When they feel that they are ready to further experience a specific activity they can try out for that club, to gain a more in-depth understanding of all aspects of it. This creates a great way for our outdoor summer camps to offer more than just the same activities every year.

Small group of young adults, holding sticks near a fire and being sprayed with a hose

Our Clubs: 

Middle-school aged female learning how to canoe, independently

Trying out for the Canoe Club means you’ll…

Go on a canoe trip

Learn how to paddle and steer

Practice capsizing and righting a canoe in the water

Trying out for the Sail Club means you’ll…

Sail a triangular course

Know the parts of the boat

Be tying lots of knots

Trying out for the Ride Club means you’ll…

Learn to walk, trot, and canter

Spend time grooming and getting to know the horses

Take a trail ride

Trying out for the Mountaineering Club means you’ll…

Go on hikes

Learn to make a fire (even in the rain!)

Use a compass and map to find your way

Trying out for the Campcraft Club (designed for younger campers) means you’ll…

Turn your cloud watching into cloud identification

Learn about the animals, plants, and trees at camp

Practice reading maps and finding constellations

These clubs are a long-standing tradition as a part of our outdoor summer camps, going back to the 1920s, and this list is just the beginning of what girls will learn while trying out for clubs at camp. During these summer camp programs, campers will also practice basic first-aid and leadership skills while letting their camp spirit shine. With dedication, soon campers will be celebrating their admittance into one of these clubs!

Young girl wearing a helmet and riding a horse, completing riding exercises as a member of the riding club

Camp Activities

From soccer to hiking, archery to arts-and-crafts, water-ski to horseback riding-there’s hardly anything we don’t do.

Take a peek at our activities

Young woman trotting on a horse

Girls gathered around a small art and craft table, experiencing camp programs together

Young woman practicing archery in a grey t-shirt and purple shorts, alone


It Is Breathtakingly Beautiful!

Camp Jeanne d’Arc has provided me with a plethora of life skills I am forever thankful for. Not only can I credit some of my most memorable and fun childhood memories to this fantastic place, but also the access to great role models I still keep in touch with. The traditions and values of Camp Jeanne d’Arc make it a more meaningful experience than other various camps. The friends I have made at camp have given me an opportunity to understand and appreciate people from places I would no other way be connected to. It’s all a blur looking back on my six summers. I am thankful for the essential building blocks camp provided me, in which I apply to the rest of my life. Also, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to send a child to camp JDA to carry on such sententious traditions.

Katie W., Camper from New Hampshire
Katie W., Camper from New Hampshire, accompanied by other females


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