Camp Jeanne d’Arc

154 Gadway Road
Merrill, NY 12955

T: 704-936-7459 (Sandy)
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Staff Positions

C.I.T (Counselor in Training)

Our C.I.T. program is a transitional step from camper to counselor, as 16-17 year olds take on increasing responsibility and leadership training giving them the necessary skills and confidence to be leaders both at camp and outside of camp. The C.I.T.s participate in training, begin to lead activities, and plan camp wide projects.

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Junior Counselor

Junior Counselors take on a vital role at camp as they assist in teaching activities and managing cabin life, in addition to working cooperatively with fellow counselors while continuing to grow their leadership abilities and learning new mentorship skills. They participate in planning and carrying out events/activities, learn to lead independently, and begin to learn how to mentor others.

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Senior Counselor

Senior Counselors are the backbone of the camp experience, leading activities and cabin life while offering mentorship to Junior Counselors and C.I.T.s. Their ability to lead, act independently, create and carry out long term plans, and problem solve make them essential members of the team.

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Junior Director

Under the supervision of Director Staff, Junior Directors step up in responsibility as they help manage both counselors and entire activity areas of camp, plan and carry out training for counselor staff, and participate in executive decision making. This high level of leadership requires a great deal of independent decision making, autonomy, and trust.

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Camp Jeanne d’Arc Truly Opened My Eyes

There is so much I could write about camp such as how delicious the food is, or the variety of activities, but the best part is the people. Through camp I have met so many new people and made many best friends from all over the world. They are basically my second family. Camp Jeanne d’Arc truly opened my eyes. Camp has also taught me leadership, respect, and to be me. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin because of camp and carry things I learned at camp into the real world.

Izzi H., Camper from Ohio
Camper from Ohio hugging another camper in Camp Jeanne d'Arc blue polos


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