Meet Our Directors

Candid shot of Randy Abbott and Sandy AbbottHello! We are Sandy and Randy Abbott, the proud owners and directors of Camp Jeanne d’Arc. Growing up in Southern California, we spent our summers exploring the mountains of the West.  This is where our love of the outdoors began. Between Scout Camp, Girls Camp, Family Camp, and Sports Camp; we spent our childhoods camping!  It was there that we learned valuable lessons in responsibility, leadership, preparedness, camp safety, friendship, and fun. With the help of our extraordinary staff and counselors, we provide this same kind of experience for our CJDA girls.

We have spent the last 15 years exploring our home state of North Carolina with our four lively children: Anna (21), Luke (18), Caleb (15) and Joshua (12). Although we only have four of our own, that number seems to double on the weekends.  We love to spend time with our kids and their friends. We otherwise stay busy with sports, music, scouts, church, academics, and pets.

Sandy Abbott, Owner & Director

There is nothing in the world like watching a child grow into a creative, compassionate, and confident young adult. Having been a girls camp director for over a decade now, I have had the privilege of being a part of this process for many young women. My formal education was spent studying speech communication–combine that with my love of music, dance, sports, gardening, design, and kids–and I have found my passion as a camp director. I absolutely adore it!  Don’t let it surprise you when you come to camp and see me in the middle of the dance circle or knee deep in the dirt with the girls. Every summer I’m excited to bring new and creative ideas to our camp programming to complement the well-loved Camp JDA traditions already in practice. See you at camp!

Randy Abbott, outside teaching a group of girls in nature as an activity at fun camps for girls in NY

Randy Abbott, Owner & Director

Ask my wife and she’ll tell you I’m the biggest kid around. She’s right, I love to play! Growing up with 6 brothers, much of my childhood was spent outside in the pool or shooting hoops in the backyard. We had a basketball team all our own! My love for kids has grown into a passion for mentoring youth. I have spent more than 20 years in youth mentoring, including leadership positions within the Boy Scouts of America program.  I earned a Bachelor’s Degree studying Business Management and spent 16 years in the business world.  I take the responsibility of being a camp owner and director very seriously. My number one priority is your daughter’s safety. We understand that you are entrusting us, first and foremost, to keep your daughter safe. We are 100% committed to that. With my wife and I at the helm, and with a team of trusted staff and counselors by our side, we will provide a safe, super fun, and life-shaping experience for your daughter. We can’t wait to meet you!


It Is Breathtakingly Beautiful!

Camp Jeanne d’Arc has provided me with a plethora of life skills I am forever thankful for. Not only can I credit some of my most memorable and fun childhood memories to this fantastic place, but also the access to great role models I still keep in touch with. The traditions and values of Camp Jeanne d’Arc make it a more meaningful experience than other various camps. The friends I have made at camp have given me an opportunity to understand and appreciate people from places I would no other way be connected to. It’s all a blur looking back on my six summers. I am thankful for the essential building blocks camp provided me, in which I apply to the rest of my life. Also, it is breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to send a child to camp JDA to carry on such sententious traditions.

Katie W., Camper from New Hampshire
Katie W., Camper from New Hampshire, accompanied by other females


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