Unplugged Summer Camp

Young females lined up within the dining hall, sitting and working on arts and crafts during summer campGoing to a technology free summer camp allows girls to escape all the distractions, and just have fun!We know that campers do their best when fully immersed in the camp experience. Going to a technology free summer camp allows girls to completely embrace this unique opportunity, and as a result, experience a decrease in homesickness, an increase confidence in activities, and total engagement in developing relationships! It makes for an incredible opportunity for learning and growth.

Our no tech policy may be an adjustment at first for some campers, but we assure you that this unplugged summer camp experience will help girls develop their skills and talents without any interruptions. Don’t believe us? We’ve asked the girls! They say they don’t miss their phones! They are simply too busy engaging in activities, enjoying nature, and building friendships. Exactly what they need to find themselves.

After years of improving CJDA, we know that this policy is the best way for girls to get the most out of their camp experience. We encourage parents to support our tech-free policy, and help make your child’s experience a positive one!  

Two girls tubing in lifejackets, smiling at each other with water falling behind


Yes, we really do mean no electronic devices for our campers. Not only does this include cell phones, but also includes the use of any device that can be used to play video games, watch television, or movies. It will truly be a screen-free summer!

We do permit the girls to keep music only devices in their cabins, like an iPod or Mp3 players (nothing with a picture screen). If you have any questions about a specific device, feel free to ask us!


A few girls posing on a large, round tube with a lifeguard in the background

Concerned About Communicating With Your Daughter?

Here are some ways we’ll ensure you know how your daughter is doing at camp:

  • We encourage you to keep in touch with your camper through postal mail and Bunk1 (our email communication system).
  • Campers will write home at least every Sunday and Wednesday, unless they are out on a big adventure!
  • Every evening a brief newsletter is published regarding the day’s activities.
  • A secure online photo gallery will be updated at least 3 times per week. 

There’s no need to worry that a “technology free summer camp” means you won’t have any idea what’s going on. We promise to keep you posted daily!

Get more information on staying in touch with your daughter!

Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s Promise

Camp Jeanne d’Arc’s unplugged summer camp will leave a lasting impression on its campers. When else would these young girls have the opportunity to remove themselves completely from all the distractions of life and just have fun?

We have found this liberating break from electronic devices to be really empowering for our girls. Camp Jeanne d’Arc will be a time for them to look back on and simply remember all the fun things they were able to do, and the friendships they made!


JDA Provides an Inspiring Experience

As a third-generation camper, my daughter has loved going to Camp Jeanne d’Arc for the last 9 summers. She has made wonderful, life-long friends, gained a terrific sense of independence, been instilled with a sense of confidence and spirit, and had great fun being with just girls. As a parent, I think it is fabulous camp that not only provides an inspiring experience but also communicates well and listens to input. My daughter is not the same after a summer at JDA!

Carlton T., Parent from Rhode Island
Carlton T., Parent from Rhode Island pictured in a suit with a blue tie


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