Why Your Daughter Will Love Camp Jeanne d’Arc

Birds eye view of young girls laying on grass with their heads together in a circle, looking up

CJDA is the perfect summer camp for elementary students because our “small-by-design” size allows us to take extra special care of our young campers and help them foster new skills, self-confidence, and friendships for years to come!

Our camp is “small-by-design” which makes us unique. It feels more like a family, rather than a camp. We find great value in that little extra time we can spend with each one of our campers, especially our youngsters. An average summer camp for elementary students, comprising hundreds and hundreds of campers, is not able to give the kind of time and attention that we are able to give at CJDA. The first year at camp may feel overwhelming for some campers. Having a smaller group really fosters a sense of belonging in which girls don’t feel lost in the crowd or overlooked. Our ratios of campers to counselors in the cabin is low too. That makes it possible for each camper to have the personal attention she needs.

The big sister/ little sister effect is also a great advantage to a small camp. Finding an older role model (and a younger mentee) that you consistently interact with throughout your camp experience is a game changer. There is so much campers can learn as they interact with those older and younger than them. We love how impactful our “small-by-design” summer camp can be for campers of all ages, but especially for younger campers. We think summer camps for elementary school students should all be small by design! Your camper will feel the difference.

Our mornings are more structured, and our afternoons more flexible. By sun down, every camper has enjoyed a full day of activities!

Young toe-head girl in yellow and red lifejacket, playing at the waterfront

Year-After-Year Growth!

CJDA is also a great summer camp for elementary students because our program is designed to encourage campers to grow in many ways year after year! We love to see our girls improving their skills each summer as they work towards advancing their swim level, earning the next archery pin, or gaining entrance into a  camp club (just to name a few). From soccer, archery, and water-skiing, to arts-and-crafts, horseback riding, and canoeing— it’s hard not to get excited about returning and improving! That’s what makes our campers so eager to wake up each morning and see what the day has in store. If your daughter dedicates one summer to perfecting her water-skiing, she can come back the next and either get back to crushing it on the water, or decide she wants to master horseback riding instead! That’s one thing we love about campers coming for the first time at a young age—there’s lot of time explore new activities, and master the ones she loves.

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Lasting Friendships

Activities are not the only exciting part about summer camps for elementary school students. Even more than looking forward to her favorite water sport or field activity, before your daughter’s second, third, or seventh summer at CJDA, she will inevitably be most excited to see her friends! One incredible thing about camp is the ability for girls to grow strong relationships with each other over their future years. Girls at Camp Jeanne d’Arc come from all over the world, allowing your daughter to make local friends, as well as those from around the globe! We’ve found that as our girls grow in friendship every year, we all begin to feel a lot like a family.

A team of girls expressing self-confidence and inclusion as they cheer each other on at an elementary summer camp


In today’s world we’re finding it harder and harder to teach our girls about their self-worth. It seems our girls are constantly being bombarded by the media with false messages about what it takes to be valuable in this world. It’s so important that we teach our girls the truth from a very young age. A summer camp for elementary students can be a perfect place to help our girls solidify their value and self-worth before they venture into the daunting middle school years. At Camp Jeanne d’Arc, we show our girls that they are strong! We teach them what it means to have courage. We allow them opportunities to be a leader and example among their peers. We show them what a strong woman looks like. Being a part of the CJDA family from a young age allows girls to grow in confidence, enabling them to grow up with the assurance of knowing who they are, and the value they possess.

Why Your Elementary Aged Child Will Love CJDA

  • Small by design, they won’t feel lost, they will have lots of personal attention.
  • Starting early allows enough time to grow in many skills including horseback riding, sailing, etc.
  • Develop a greater sense of self-worth before the challenging middle school years.
  • Opportunity to learn from older mentors.

Whether your daughter is extroverted or introverted, loves the outdoors, wants to try her hand at something new, or is just looking for a unique summer memory, there is something for every camper. We recommend you starting them out at Camp Jeanne d’Arc now, especially if your daughter is younger and interested in a great summer camp experience! Take advantage of the great benefits of a summer camp for elementary students in New York so that your daughter can continue to grow in these skills and values for years to come.


Counselor Testimonial

I thought my job as a counselor would be to build relationships through deep conversations and a listening ear. While this isn’t wrong, the building blocks to get here are much smaller moments. It’s waiting for the girl that took an extra minute rolling out of bed in the morning, sharing easy laughs over lunch in the Hearth or taking the time to say goodnight to each girl and shut off the lights at the end of an exhausting day. These moments capture the loving and family-like feeling that a summer at Camp Jeanne d’arc inevitably provides. While singing campfire songs, diving into the lake or playing games on the field make JDA so lively and exciting, it is the girls building relationships, sharing stories and discovering new things about themselves that make their experience -and mine- so indescribably unique.

Skyler N., Counselor from Florida
Lifestyle image of Skyler N, a Camp Jeanne d'Arc Camp Counselor


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