It’s no secret that here at Camp Jeanne d’Arc we are proud of our nearly 100 years of tradition! It’s one of many attributes that sets us apart. From the ceremonial “Feather Picking” to the surprise of “Christmas in July,” we’re rich with tradition. Let us tell you a little more…

Feather Picking

Team of Jolis Coeurs (happy heart) during feather picking activity, a Camp Jeanne d'Arc highlight

Feather Picking is one of the most exciting events at camp! Will I pick white and become part of the Les Pucelles team (maiden warrior) or will I pick blue and be a Jolis Coeurs (happy heart)? These two names are French words that describe Joan of Arc. Once on a team, you are part of a life-long family! You will spend the summer competing in fun games and activities to help your team earn points. The much anticipated awards are presented at Banquet to the winning team. Team trophies are presented for achievements and camp spirit. Although we get excited about supporting our camp teams, we “leave it all on the field” and spend most time at camp as one big, happy camp family.

Handcrafted Shields

Handcrafted Camp Jeanne d'Arc Shield Summer Camp for Girls, NY

Every JDA camper treasures her camp shield. Hand-painted symbols are meticulously added each summer as your camper spends time working at a particular skill or activity.  By the end of her time spent at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc, her shield is filled with all of the exciting things she has learned and accomplished through her summers at JDA.

Fourth of July

Large group of girls jumping in the air, as they celebrate the Fourth of July

It has long been a tradition at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc to celebrate the 4th of July the way it was intended to be. We do this with a giant slip-and-slide, decorations, face paint, watermelon, fireworks, games, bonfires and more. The 4th of July is a much anticipated day at Camp JDA!

Wishing Night

High school aged young adult holding a candle, preparing for wishing night prior to releasing her candle into the boat

(Second Half) Our Owl cabin (campers ages 14-15) presents a magical evening of candlelight, serenading and wish making. Each camper is presented with a handcrafted boat to wish upon. The magic and wonder of Wishing Night is one that is never to be forgotten.

Camp Jeanne d'Arc staff and directors dressed in Christmas attire to celebrate Christmas in July

Christmas in July (Sometime in the first half…shhhhhh!)

As a child, there is absolutely nothing better than Christmas Morning! It’s even better in the middle of July! Christmas in July is a long time tradition at Camp Jeanne d’Arc. Campers are awaken by candle light and Christmas carols to join their fellow campers in the Hearth for an all-out Christmas party. Of course it wouldn’t be Christmas without lighted Christmas trees, Santa Claus, music, a crackling fire, cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa. Oh, I can’t forget about the gingerbread house decorating!

Group of girls and camp counselors lined up with blue ribbons in hand at the annual summer camp banquet


(Second half) As a parting gift to their campers, the counselors and staff at Camp Jeanne d’Arc put on an unforgettable Banquet to celebrate the achievements of their outstanding campers. The final camp theme is revealed as the girls enter the Hearth to see the transformation that has taken place. A lovely dinner and dessert is served only to be topped by the recognition of each and every camper as they receive awards for their achievements. Campers are awarded with activity and camp spirit awards, club memberships, tournament awards, team trophies, and camp’s highest camper honors. Banquet is absolutely the highlight of the summer, not to be missed and certainly never to be forgotten.


No Place Makes Me Feel Happier Than At Camp

I’m truly thankful for that day in late July when my 10-year old self decided to take a risk, and get out of the car, and say goodbye to my parents. Six years later I’ve grown into a leader, and have learned to really embrace who I am. I have become much more self-confident, independent and I better appreciate the importance of friendship. There is no place that makes me feel happier than at camp.

Grace F., Camper from NYC
Grace F., Camper from NYC hugging a younger camper


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