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Our unique and fun camps for girls in New York, Row of girls, varying in age, making a train as they go down the slip-n-slidehave a special environment that allows our campers to fully embrace their experience and develop incredible friendships.

Camp Jeanne d’arc is like no other place on the planet. We’ve created a uniquely empowering environment where girls can feel safe to explore the world around them, and come to recognize her inherent self-worth. There are many fun camps for girls out there, but we have a bigger purpose and mission in helping our girls find themselves, and loving the girl they find. In the world we live in today, girls have it tough. They are bombarded with messages that they aren’t good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, and on and on. We reject those messages!

Our unique overnight camp for girls in New York is designed to help empower our girls with a greater sense of who they are, what makes them unique, and what they can give back to the world. We do this through challenging programs, opportunities to serve others and give back, leadership activities, positive role modeling, multi-age programming, inspiring messages and education, and of course, a super-fun, all-girls camp environment.

Benefits to an All-Girls Camp Environment

Two girls hugging tightly outside, expressing female friendshipNo gender distractions: One of the more obvious benefits to sending your daughter to an all-girls camp is the elimination of any gender distractions. There is no worrying about make-up, hair, clothes—it’s all about camp! This allows for a more focused attention to be paid to developing strong bonds of friendships. The kind of friendships that carry you through the tough times, and last a lifetime.

Leadership roles: One of the great things about having an all-girls camp are the leadership opportunities that our girls embrace. Girls feel empowered to step up into leadership roles that they might traditionally shy away from. Girls leading girls, and girls lifting girls, that’s what we do at CJDA!  Not to mention that almost all of our counselors are strong, females leading the way.

Trying new activities and taking risks: Taking away the distractions of mixed genders allows the girls to experiment with new and challenging activities that otherwise might be too intimidating to try in front of boys. In our positive, all-girls environment we place a special emphasis on trying new things and taking risks. This is how we identify our talents and passions, and find out what makes us unique in this world!

Girls in blue, with face paint and bandanas cheering at a summer camp for middle school girls in NY

At CJDA, we’ve been empowering young women since 1922. We have seen first-hand the incredible confidence that is cultivated in just a few short weeks over the summer. Of course the girls want to come back year after year—who wouldn’t!  Over the years we have grown and adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the changing world in which we are trying to raise our girls. We want to partner with our camp families to help raise their girls to be confident, happy, and successful! We know what it takes to create an overnight camp environment where girls can gain the skills they need to succeed!

Our unique and fun camps for girls are designed to bring out the very best in your daughter by allowing her to be her true self. We can’t wait for her to join us at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc to Find Her Voice, Uncover Her Talents and Passions, and Realize Her Value!

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Camp Activities

From soccer to hiking, archery to arts-and-crafts, water-ski to horseback riding-there’s hardly anything we don’t do.

Take a peek at our activities

Young woman trotting on a horse

Girls gathered around a small art and craft table, experiencing camp programs together

Young woman practicing archery in a grey t-shirt and purple shorts, alone


Camp Jeanne d'Arc Will Live In Your Daughter's Heart Forever

What a wonderful place full of fond memories! My daughters are third generation campers. I went here as a girl as did my sisters, aunts, mother. I even had an uncle who was a Camp Lafayette counselor. But whether you step off the bus this summer for the first time or are steeped in family history here, Camp Jeanne d’Arc will live in your daughter’s heart forever. Women who went to CJd’A as girls, grow up believing in themselves. They grow up to be who they truly are meant to be! And of course, “There’s not a camp in all this world that’s dearer. There’s not a camp whose girls are half so true…”

Lisa Z., Parent from D.C.
Lisa Z., a camper parent from D.C. and her daughter


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