New York Leadership Summer Camp for Girls Adriondacks

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We Need More Awe!

There is something about live music that taps into something deep within me. I feel this overwhelming charge of energy. The emotion is so strong that I often well up with tears. I don’t know why, I just know it happens. Apparently it’s not a fluke. It happens time ... [read more]

Daddy’s Girl Goes to Camp

In honor of Father’s Day, here are some great reviews from our Camp Dads! “Originally, this was a very tough decision to send our little girl away to camp for weeks at such a young age. These thoughts occurred now many years ago. In retrospect, this was the best ... [read more]

Camp Moms are the Best!

We want to thank our Camp Mom’s for such great reviews! “My 14 year old daughter will be a third year camper this summer and has loved every minute of the experience. The campers and counselors are friendly and caring. There are activities suited for everyone and the environment ... [read more]

Tell ’em Girls!

 Don’t take our word for it, let our campers tell you! “Camp Jeanne d’Arc has provided me with a plethora of life skills I am forever thankful for. Not only can I credit some of my most memorable and fun childhood memories to this fantastic place, but also the access ... [read more]

First Time Summer Camp Jitters

“Who ever said that sending a child away to summer camp for the first time was easy! I expected to feel a tug on the heart strings but I did not anticipate the flood of emotions that would cause me to blubber like a baby all the way home. ... [read more]

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