New York Leadership Summer Camp for Girls Adriondacks

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COVID 19 Update 5/23/20

Hello Camp Jeanne d’Arc Families! We send warm greetings to all and hope everyone is safe and well.   Although we continue to await Governor Cuomo’s approval to host camp this summer, we’re encouraged by the CDC’s Summer Camp Field Guide, providing guidance to operate under the current conditions. ... [read more]


UPDATE: 5/6/2020 Greetings! We hope everyone is well. We’ve enjoyed communicating with our CJDA community via social media. We all miss human interaction, but being able to interact electronically has been helpful and therapeutic. Camp spirit lives, even on Instagram.   Coping with this pandemic has been a struggle ... [read more]

7 Benefits of Overnight Summer Camps

At first thought, choosing an overnight summer camps can seem like a scary decision. And understandably so. Sending your child off for a number of weeks with little or no communication is enough to make any parent uneasy. However, there are a number of benefits associated with residential summer ... [read more]

7 Activities to Look for in a Children’s Summer Camp

There are dozens of children’s summer camps out there, but let’s face it, they are not all equal. Some camps are focused on a specific sport or activity, while others aim to foster spiritual or educational knowledge. Some are better for the youngin’s, and others are geared towards tweens ... [read more]

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