Anne Leahy 420 Boat Sponsor - Camp Jeanne d'Arc




Join this special donation in memory of the late Anne Leahy with the naming of a new 420 sailboat in her honor, “Leaky.” 

Select the “Donate Now” button below and choose “Custom Amount.” Enter the dollar amount of your choosing. Your contribution will go toward the name of this honorary boat.

Why a 420?

In order for upper campers to truly learn the ins and outs of sailing, they need to sail Upper Lake. A brand new 420 will enable experienced campers to take their sailing skills to the next level. The name of your choosing will be inscribed on the boat.

Questions? Get in touch with Liz Bateman Rambo

154 Gadway Road
Merrill, NY 12955

T: 704-960-3949 (Randy)