Counselor-In-Training Program

Best Leadership Summer Camp for Girls, Camp Jeanne d' Arc Upstate New YorkThe Counselor-In-Training (CIT) Program at Camp Jeanne d’Arc is a leadership training program for campers who have finished 10th or 11th grade and are 16 to 18 years old. Our mission is to provide a structured leadership opportunity, as well as basic training and preparation for being a camp counselor.

The standards for the program are listed below and may be of use in college applications and résume building.

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CIT Program Standards

  • The focus of our CIT program is leadership development. The CITs, led by a counselor staff member, aka “CIT Mom,” have the role of a counselor-in-training and will attend and participate in scheduled meetings discussing subjects such as the role of the counselor, health and safety, childhood development, programming and lesson planning, balancing personal and group goals, identifying personal strengths, working with small and large groups, the nature of leadership, etc.
  • CITs will have several special projects for which they are responsible.
  • CITs are permitted to participate in an activity, assist the counselor in leading the activity or both. CITs are eligible for Senior Clubs and need not be a member of the Junior Club first.
  • CITs will have one group “day off” each half session. Under supervision, they will enjoy a day off campus with the CIT group.
  • CITs are subject to the same behavior criteria as the counselors as described in the Counselor Handbook specifically with regard to being a proper role model, and the alcohol, drug and abuse standards.
  • CITs will meet once weekly as a group with the Director and/or CIT Mom to discuss issues relevant to their experience in the program.
  • CITs usually live in the cabins with the cabin counselors depending on the number of campers. CITs will assist the counselors with cabin supervision; however, they are never left alone with the campers.
  • CITs must come for at least 3 weeks. (no 2 week sessions)
  • CIT tuition is 50% off full tuition, optional activities such as horseback riding, waterskiing, tutoring and the motor trip may be added at full price.

Camp Mission

Our mission at Camp Jeanne d’ Arc is to empower every young woman to discover her greatness.

Our Motto

Faith, Endurance, Courage and Confidence


Empowering Young Women Since 1922

Core Values

We value wholesome playful fun

We value every individual’s unique gifts

We value becoming our best selves

We value all, as members of the Camp Jeanne d’Arc family

Should I Apply?

If you are a young woman, age 16-17, and are interested in growing your leadership skills by mentoring younger campers and training to teach activities, then this program is for you. A three to seven week commitment is mandatory for all applicants. CITs enjoy a 50% discount on tuition.

What Should I Expect?

As a CIT you will be engaged through our program to find your voice as a mentor, uncover your talents in activities, discover your passion as a leader and realize your value as a member of a talented team of counselors.

In addition, you will be responsible for special projects such as planning Wacky Wednesday events, setting tables for lunch, and serving camp as an Officer of the Day (a vital role in maintaining safety and fun at camp). As a CIT, you can expect to meet regularly with the CIT Director (often affectionately referred to as the CIT “Mom”) and to receive specific training tailored to meet the demands and challenges of camp life.

What Will I Learn?

As a CIT, you will leave camp better prepared for the challenges you may face in college and in life. You will have a better understanding of collaboration and cooperation with others. Your time spent as a CIT will help you to focus on your goals and learn more about yourself and your unique talents.

Counselor-In-Training Testimonial

As a CIT at Camp Jeanne d’Arc this past summer, not only did I learn leadership skills working with multiple age groups of campers, but I also helped make suggestions and decisions with counselors and staff members. In the CIT program, I got to see more into the counselor’s responsibilities, anywhere from safety procedures, to choosing a topic for discussion before bedtime. Although I was no longer a camper, I still got to do my favorite activities from when I was, such as archery, paddle boarding, and arts & crafts! I both assisted in teaching these, and got to participate alongside campers. I found the CIT program to be a helpful transition between being a camper and counselor, with the combination of some of the responsibilities of a counselor, the bonds and friendships of a camper, and the fun and excitement of both.

Amanda P., NYC

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