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Welcome to Camp JDA!

We think you would love it at Camp JDA! This is a place to be yourself, try new things and make new friends.  Whether you’re coming from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Mexico or Europe you will make new friends and love your summer at Camp JDA.

Here’s what our campers say…

“I just want to say thank you VERY much for an awesome summer and I cannot WAIT to come back!  This year at CJDA would have to be the best yet, no joke.  I had a ball being an OWL…. From Ship to Shore, to Campfire, to Friday Night at the Movies, to Activities, to Cleaning Hour, to the Meals, and to basically everything, I couldn’t have asked for a better camp experience this summer.  OWL cabin was a blast and I had the most fun counselors that I’ve had in all of my 5 years at CJDA.” 5th year camper from Connecticut.  

“Thanks for a really great summer, this has been the best year yet and I’ll surely never forget it.  I can’t wait to come back… Camp is and always will be the highlight of my summer and the best part of my year.  All the counselors this year were so kind and comforting and spirited and I really hope that I see them along with the best staff in the world next year for Summer of 20xx!  It means so much to me that I can keep coming back to camp, because it is truly my heaven on earth.”  14 year old camper, 5th summer, from NY

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